Student Enrollment/ Application Agreement

Anyone needing an application in Esthetics and Nails Please email [email protected] to request one. Cosmetology application is below. 

Date ________________ Full Legal Name _______________________________

DOB___________________Telephone #________________________

Mobile #____________________SS#_____________________

Address______________________________________________________________________________City ______________________State _________ Zip Code ____________________

Employer Name/Phone #________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name / Phone # _________________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever attended Cosmetology School? __________ Where_______________________________ Date______________

Do you have a GED or Diploma or High School Transcript? _____________________________________   

School Opening Date - 08/05/2019 

 Students Starting Date_______________________


A $25 application Fee will be charged for filing, ink, paper and time of interview/tour of school. All Applicants must provide one of the following Transcript / Ged / High School Diploma. A copy of Birth Certificate, Driver’s License and SS# for a copy to remain on file.

I certify that all information is true and that the student is responsible for future updates on the application and enrollment form.

Students Signature _______________________________________Date ________________

Owner Signature_________________________________________Date________________

Program of Interest 

Cosmetology         ________

Esthetics                 ________

Nail Technichian    ________

Cost of Cosmetology Program 2020/2021

North Jackson, TN

Full Time

Tuition $6,000.00 (12month) plan only. Anything over 12 months will be charged $350 per month till 1500 hours are met.

Books and Supplies- $2,000.00 Due as Down Payment

Enrollment Fee $100 Due on Enrollment (must have down payment 10 days from enrollment day or Enrollment fee will have to be paid again. Enrollment fee is nonrefundable. Book and Supply fees are nonrefundable after 3rd day of payment being made.

Total Cost - $ 8,100.00

Students Signature ______________________________________Date________________

Cost of Cosmetology Program 2020/2021

Part Time

Tuition $7,500.00 (18 month) plan only. Anything over 18 months will be charged $350 per month till 1500 hours are met.

Books and Supplies- $2,000 Due on Enrolling

Enrollment Fee $100 Due on Enrollment

Total Cost - $ 9,600.00

Students Signature _______________________________________Date________________

Owner Signature_________________________________________Date_________________

Student Financial Agreement

I Agree To receive Mobile Reminders when payments are to be due ___________

• Full Time Hours Monday - Thursday 9am- 5:30pm (include a clock out 30 min. lunch and two on clock 15minute breaks a day) total weekly hours- 32

• Part Time Hours Monday- Thursday 9am-2:30pm (includes one 15minute on clock break and required 30 min clock out lunch 12pm-12:30pm) total weekly hours-20

Check one on the Payment options on Full Time Attendance:

• Pay in full _________

• 3,000 down and 12 payments of $416.00 ________

• $2,000 down and 12 payments of $500.33 ________

• Hardship Plan $1,500 Down and 12 months @ $350 Remained $2,300.00 due at 1500 hours _______

Check one on the Payment options on Part Time Attendance:

• Pay in Full __________

• $4,000 down and 18 payments of $305.55 _________

• $3,000.00 down and 18 payments of $361.11 _________

• $2,000.00 down and 18 payments of $416.66 _________

• Hard ship $1500 Down @ 18 payments of $350 remainder $1,700.00 due at 1500 hours _______

Student Signature _________________________________________Date ______________

Owner Signature __________________________________________Date ______________

Continued Financial Agreement Terms

Students enrolled full time or part time will be expected to graduate by contract agreement time frame signed above. This will include 6 weeks a year vacation or holidays off and 1 weeks allowed for sick days per year. If the student has unexcused absences that exceed the 1 weeks allowed sick time then they will have to be approved by owner with medical reason or FML Reason to hold students spot. If student doesn’t have approval, she or he will be charged an extra $350.00 per month cost for each month exceeding the agreed contract time. This financial agreement will hold your spot open for completion of their course. All payments are due 30 days from date signed on the agreement, if student is over 4 days past due, she or he will not be allowed to attend school until payment is received. After 4 days late on non- payment the student will be dropped out of the course and her/his spot will be filled with a new student. Full payment of cost of program must be paid before 1500hours can be released to State Board or other institutions. Students will not be able to test to receive license until all tuition payments is paid in full. Your signature below will serve as acknowledgment of the terms on this agreement. If the student withdraws before completing the course there will be a $25 withdrawal fee. All Transfer students will have to Pay a $100 Reciprocity fee. Any return or bounced checks will be charged additional $32 fee by the student.

Students Signature___________________________________________________Date_____________

Owner Signature ___________________________________Date ____________________

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

If for any reason the student has paid any money down and (she or he) decides to withdrawal before beginning date of opening of the school the student will only have 3 days after signing the application to receive a refund except on the down payment of $2000.00 and enrollment fee of $100.00 which are non- refundable from application date, Also, down payment must be paid 5 days after enrollment or enrollment fee will be void and student will be required to pay enrollment fee again to re- enroll. The school has 45 days to refund any remaining funds owed to the student after student’s withdrawal notice is signed. After the application signed the 3 day grace period school reserves the right to keep the book and supply fee, however the student will receive the books and supplies that money was used towards or any additional down payment. After school begins the student will be held responsible after the 1st month for 25% of tuition, on the 3rd month for 50% of tuition, on the 6th month 80% of tuition, and on the 9th month 100%of tuition fee which will be non-refundable and owed on early withdrawal or before hours will be transfer.

Students Signature____________________________Date _______________________

Owner Signature _______________________________Date_________________________

Grounds for Termination:

West TN College of Cosmetology will not tolerate stealing, fighting on school grounds, the presence of firearms by a student on premises, any vulgar or slanders, dissatisfaction about the owner or school or against instructors. The owner of the school holds the right to withdraw students for any reason of dissatisfaction about the school or problems arising that are unsuitable in the owner point of view and threating to the school’s reputation. Students will be suspended or terminated if arguing or texting is harassing or in a non- professional manner. If you do, any of the above you will be terminated with no refund on tuition due to the circumstances and will not be allowed back on the school premises. There is also, zero tolerance policy at West TN College of Cosmetology about discrimination of age, race or gender and harassment of any student or teacher at West Tn College. Harassment can be verbal, physical, or sexual and will not be tolerated at any point and will be grounds for withdrawal or termination. Any legal fees to enforce this will be owed by the student that is being terminated due to improper behavior or violence. Instructors or Junior trainings are to follow these rules as well, and will treat all students with respect. The owner holds in to account with proper punishment procedures that will be best for the balance of the school’s benefit and safety of others.

Grounds for Probation:

If a student has over 1 weeks unexcused absences without a doctor note the school has the right to place the student on probation. Probation will come with a suspension of clocking hours if the offense is ongoing. If the owner has repeated offenses by a student and shows written and signed documents the student can be put on a probation or suspension or termination with non-clocked hours or asked to leave the school. Dress Code will be expected after 2 warnings the student will be asked to clock out. If Cell phone use on the clinic floor or classroom occurs after 2 warnings the student will be made to leave and possibly put on Probation where they can’t come back until they follow the school rules.

Students Signature_____________________________________Date_______________

Owner Signature_______________________________________Date_______________

Daily Sanitary Code and Rules

• All students are to keep the school clean and maintained in a legal sanitary way as described in Milady Curriculum Chapter 5 Disinfection and cleaning, that meet TN State Board of Cosmetology Standards.

• All stations on the floor that you are assigned to will be cleaned with EPA disinfectants and wiped down daily. Barbicide Jars will be cleaned and changed weekly or as needed.

• Combs, Brushes, and rollers will be clean and hair free all the time.

• The school will have a daily Sanitation Sheet that students will be checked off on daily before being allowed to clock out.

• No Cell Phones Allowed in Use on the Clinic Floor or Classroom while class is in session.

• Students will be in Uniform which is all Black or Black and White or Black and Red daily except on Friday which will be Jeans and School T shirt logos. Tennis shoes, sandals, dress shoes, shorts longer than finger length, capris, and dress pants are allowed as long as they meet color code above.

• All students will great clients with a smile, handshake, and great client on consultation.

• No student is allowed in the Register unless they are assigned there only Instructors or Owner will count register. Camera Security will be at the register at all times students who steal will be prosecuted and dropped from the course.

• No Student will Refuse a service assigned to them or they will be asked to clock out and leave.

• No cheating on Test or Quizzes, if caught you will be clocked out and asked to leave then you will receive a 0 grade on test.

• All Students who Graduate must pass all examinations no more than 3 years after passing the initial theory exam.

• All grades meet standard board approved grading scales of passing 70% and above on practical and theory testing.

• All students must keep a 70% attendance ratio to pass the course.

• Demonstrations at the school will only be held by Licensed Cosmetologist or Manicurist.

• Students will be allowed to work on each other on Mondays only at ½ cost of school pricing.

• No student will at any time clock another student in or out. If student forgets they are to call the Instructor or Owner.

Student initials__________

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatments. Students will be able to do hairstyles, skin care, cosmetics, manicure /pedicures, non-permanent hair removal such as waxing.

Full Time -32 hours a week (12 months or 52 weeks) including 7 weeks yrly. sick/ holiday/vacation

Part Time- 20 hours a week (18 months or 71 weeks) including 7 weeks yrly. sick/ holiday/vacation

Cosmetology Course

1500 Hours at the financial agreement % per quarter listed above.

Cosmetology Curriculum

Theory class begins at 9am-10am mornings every Monday -Thursday. Clinical clients and Practical work will be 10am-5:30pm with lunch being taken at 12pm-12:30pm daily school will be locked and students are required to clock out. Full time students will receive two 15minute breaks during the day as well.

Remaining day will be Practical Work on clients, students or mannequins.

General Total 300 hours – Sterilization, sanitation and bacteriology, anatomy and physiology, shop ethics, personality and salesmanship, and state law.

Chemical total 600 hours- Perm waving, hair relaxing, hair color/bleaching/toning, sculptured nails, and hair structure and chemistry.

Physical total 600 hours- Shampooing and rinses, hair and scalp care, hair shaping, hairdressing and styling, facials, arching, lashes, brow tinting, waxing, manicures/ pedicures.

Student completing 100 hours of instruction on manicuring and pedicuring will be allowed to start services on clients. Students must complete 200 hours instructions on the above to start hair services on a client.

Course Material

Milady Standard Textbooks of Cosmetology, Exam, Practical and Theory Workbook Bundle.

Student Supply Kit.

Student initials_____________

School Closing

Should severe or bad weather arise one of the following schedules will be implemented.

Snow Days /Tornado Weather/ Flooding: Classes will be canceled and the school will be closed or we will be on a delayed schedule. Local TV Station will be notified (WBBJ TV 7) and students will receive Group Me Text Notification.

Power Outages: School will be dismissed until power is regained.

Fire: We will exit front of the building and a role call will be done and we will re-enter after fire department inspects the building.

Gunman: students will be locked in classroom and police called.

Earth Quake: Students will be advised to get under a desk in classroom.

Excused Absences

1. Personal or family illness with Doctor Statement.

2. Death in the family with Obituary as proof.

3. Extreme Weather Conditions.

General Information

• Students must be 16 years of age with a valid Transcript showing proof of 10 credits or Ged or Diploma or show active enrollment in High School to attend the school.

• Students can only receive 8 clocked hours per day for 5 days a week.

• Students are required to be on time and on their schedule on application agreed to.

• School will be open 9am-5:30pm.

• In order to be licensed you will be required to pass the Tennessee State Board Exams after completing and paying all school obligations through PSI Testing center.

• Level 1 0-200 hours inside the classroom working on mannequins or students. Students will be learning General- 300 clock requirements on sanitation, sterilization, and bacteriology, A&P, shop ethics, state law and personality and salesmanship.

• Level 2 – 200-750 hours inside the classroom learning Chemical and Physical properties in theory as well as be on clinical floor working on clients, students or mannequins.

• Level 3 – 750- 1500 hours inside classroom on Chemicals and Physical properties in theory, beginning to practice skills required to pass State Board approved Testing and working on clinical floor with client.

• Pre-Clinic: Cosmetology

• Pre-Clinic: Prior to working in the student salon, students will complete 200 scheduled hours covering the following

Freshman Final Practical; Freshman Theory Final; and the following chapters:

• History & Career Opportunities (1)

• Life Skills (2)

• Communicating for Success (4)

• Scalp care, shampooing (15)

• Infection Control (5)

• Principles of Hair Design (14)

• Chemical Texturizing (22)

• Haircutting (16)

400-700 hours

• Hair Styling (17)

• Hair Coloring (21)


• Bacteriology

• Sterilization

• Sanitation


• Physiotherapy

• Physiology

• Histology

• Anatomy

• Neurology

• Mycology

• Osteology


• Cleaning hair

• Shampooing

• Haircutting

• Clipping

• Slithering/ Point Cuts

• Dying

• Tinting

• Bleaching

• Scalp massage

• Brushing & combing

• Curling

• Permanent waving

• Reconditioning hair

• Wiggery

• Thermal pressing

• Iron curling

• Chemical relaxing


• Filing & shaping of fingernails

• Loosening & removing dead cuticles

• Hand and arm massage

• Acrylic Nails


• Skin Course

• Various kinds of facial massage

• Cosmetics

• Makeup

• Eyebrow arching

• Eyelash extensions

100 hours

• How to keep records

• Business law

• Students will learn Cosmetology law

• Students will be able to Booking appointments and Retail.

• 50 hours of Job Shadowing

• Courtesy

• Neatness & professional attitude

• Each classroom will have textbooks either in print copies, tools, equipment, and dispensary products.

• The Institution has internet connectivity to enable access to websites, videos, and other educational methods.


• A candidate who wishes to obtain a Cosmetologist license must pass both a written and a practical examination given by PSI in the State of Tennessee.

• Qualify to take either of these examinations, a candidate must:

• Have successfully completed a 1,500-hour course of instruction in a cosmetology section-approved and passed all theory and practical work.

• Be at least 16 years old.

• Must have completed the 10th grade

Students Initials _________

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